Thermo Scientific Shandon Excelsior ES

Thermo Scientific Excelsior ES Tissue Processor features economical, walk-away tissue processing with superior tissue processing quality and lowest cost of ownership.

Certifications: Designed to meet IEC 61010, CSA, UL, and CE Mark (IVDD compliant)

  • Daily Operations Mode, an easy-to-use operating mode for routine operation
  • Systematic logging and reporting of quality control data, event records, and program information
  • Automatic in-process reagent rotation—no manual handling of reagents
  • Three distinct fill levels in chamber to shorten processing times
  • Ten customized programs and five flush options
  • Seven password-protected areas
  • Easy-to-read screens with colorful graphics; multilingual
  • Unique reagent monitoring and management system delivers significant reagent cost savings
  • Reagent quality of first alcohol is measured using specific gravity and alerts operator when replenishment is needed
  • Reagent preheating option allows for more consistent and rapid processing
  • Circular design allows greater temperature uniformity
  • Continuous agitation circulates reagents freely around specimens
  • Baskets are designed for maximum reagent infiltration around specimens by preventing cassette bunching
  • Glass lid allows viewing during processing
  • Baskets are microwavable and can be used in conjunction with microwave post-fixation
  • Built-in downdraft ventilation minimizes operator exposure to hazardous vapors when the reaction chamber lid is open
  • Reagent storage cabinet is built to enhance safety and is vented through two additional filters for further fume control
  • Battery backup provides for specimen protection by safely completing transfer of reagents during power interruptions
  • Two independent remote alarms alert user when away from unit or after hours
  • Automatic underfill recovery finishes processing in safest environment possible

Physical Specifications
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 20.5 x 26.5 x 63 in. (52 x 67 x 160cm)
  • Weight: 246.5 lb. (112kg)
  • Power Requirements: 950VA (maximum); 200VA (typical)

Organized basket (six supplied, No. A78410025) to process 222 cassettes; Random basket (No. A78410021) to process up to 300 cassettes; Basket lid (organized and random, No. A78420056); Formaldehyde (Potassium Permanganate) filter (No. 9990612); Charcoal vapor filter (No. 9990610); Water flush bottle and cap (No. A78420039) and two each 5L storage bottles; Waste wax drawer assembly (with two drawers, two lids, and a cover); Monitor (No. A78410091); Operator guide (No. A78410120, specify language), service record book (No. A78410106), and screen information card (No. A7841013)

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